Trinity Health Of New England ACO
Primary Contact Name: Sujata Agarwal
Primary Contact Phone Number: 860-714-5883
Primary Contact Email:

ACO Governing Body

Last Name
First Name
Member's Voting Power –Expressed as a percentage or number Membership Type ACO Participant Legal Business Name/DBA, if Applicable
Porter Paul Physician 100% ACO Participant Waterbury Hospital
Uberti James Treasurer 100% ACO Participant Franklin Medical Group
Testa John Physician 100% ACO Participant Franklin Medical Group
Roose Rob Physician 100% ACO Participant The Mercy Hospital Inc.
Weiswasser Dan Physician 0% ACO Participant(2020) Riverbend Medical Group
Bernal-Larioza Rose Secretary 100% ACO Participant The Mercy Hospital Inc.
Eamranond Peter Physician 100% ACO Participant Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center
Kimmel Ronald Chairperson 100% ACO Participant Prime Healthcare
Haider Jawad Physician 100% ACO Participant Cottage Grove Cardiology Associates
Lupia Paul Medicare Beneficiary 100% ACO Participant N/A

Key ACO clinical and administrative leadership:

Jennifer Searls ACO Executive
Ron Kimmel, MD Medical Director
Patricia Weiser Compliance Officer
James Uberti, MD Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer

Associated committees and committee leadership:

Committee Name Committee Leader Name and Position
Quality By Design James Uberti, MD
Unified Care Model Lauren Tiberio
Finance & Compliance Trudi McKenna/ Patricia Weiser
Data & Analytics Wayne Daignault
Support Services Sujata Agarwal

Types of ACO participants, or combinations of participants, that formed the ACO